Steamed Fish

You will need:

1 500ml Pouch of ÁO Fish Collagen Broth
1 Whole Fish / Fish Slices (Rinsed under cold water)
Ginger Slices (optional)
Spring Onions (optional)
Tomatoes (Garnish)
Sesame Oil



Defrost ÁO broth in the fridge overnight or cut pack open if you are using the entire pack.

Rinse fish under running water and ensure fish is fully defrosted (if using frozen fish). Pat Dry.

Place ginger & spring onions on a steaming dish and place fish on top of aromatics. Season with a little salt.

Place dish in a steamer and steam fish till it is fully cooked.

Pour ÁO broth in a separate pot and bring broth to a boil. Add tomatoes (or your other garnishes).

Take fish out from steamer and carefully pour away liquid from the fish.

Optional - Transfer fish (remove ginger and spring onions) onto a serving dish.

Pour hot ÁO broth over the fish.

Serve and enjoy hot.

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