Miso Ramen Broth

You will need: 

ÁO Fish Collagen Broth (500ml)
White miso paste
Your favourite ingredients (Japanese Chashu / Meat, etc)
Mushrooms / Vegetables (Corn, Bamboo Shoots, Leafy vegetables)
Dried seaweed sheets
Chilli oil (optional)



Defrost the pack in the fridge overnight or cut pack open if you are using the entire pack.

Pour ÁO Broth into a pot and bring to a slow boil.

Add in a tablespoon of miso paste and stir till dissolved.

Add more gradually, you can always add more if you prefer a stronger flavour.

Add in your chashu / meat and allow to boil for 1 -2 minutes or till fully cooked.

Add vegetables and boil for 30 seconds.

To finish, garnish with seaweed or add some chilli oil if you'd like a spicy kick!

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