Cooking with Áo Broth: Seafood Pao Fan

The best part of Pao Fan? That satisfying crackling sound of the rice puffs when you sprinkle some into hot soup!

Savour a comforting bowl of pao fan with our simple recipe featuring the Fish Collagen Broth, including our housemade crispy fried rice puffs. The broth and rice puffs are available for purchase separately, or together in the Áo Steamboat Collection Pack!

Check out our video or scroll down below for the recipe. Post your culinary creations on our website as a review or tag @aobroth on your socials and get featured on our pages!

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Ingredients Needed

1 Pack of Áo Fish Collagen Broth
Fish Slices (We recommend Black Cod Slices available via Áo Broth x Dish the Fish)
Cooked Prawns
Bok Choy or Vegetables of Choice
Cooked White Rice
Áo Crispy Fried Rice Puffs
Sliced Chilli, Spring Onions and Fried Shallots (Garnish)


1. Defrost broth overnight in fridge. Boil defrosted broth in pot. Cook white rice and set aside.
2. Once boiling, add in fish slices.
3. Add in cooked prawns and bok choy.
4. Add rice to a bowl and pour soup and ingredients over.
5. Heat up rice puffs by baking in oven or dry-frying in pan.
6. Top off with crunchy rice puffs and garnishes. Serve hot and enjoy!

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